Friday, 21 October 2016

Mobile Monitoring Software Download: What Should Be Done?

The number of mobile monitoring software download count has rapidly increased during the past few months to meet the high demands of individuals looking for ways to check on their loved ones anytime and anywhere without restrictions as to the distance.

Who Benefits the Most?

Mobile monitoring software has been a huge help to concerned parents, anxious sons and daughters with elderly parents, boyfriends and girlfriends, suspicious spouses as well as ordinary citizens who want to know how their loved ones are doing without having to be with them personally.

Despite this, there are still some people who have little understanding as to what a mobile monitoring software is capable of doing. These includes these major questions:

·         How can this software be installed and downloaded on the target phone?

·         How can it benefit the person who purchased it?

·         What are the legal implications upon using this product?

What is a Mobile Tracking App?

Generally speaking, a mobile monitoring software is a spying app that helps a person experience the following remote functions:

·         Access call logs.Phone calls can also be tracked with specifications on the time, duration and date.

·         Read emails and messages on 3rd party messaging platforms and social media. Some of these messages include those that were sent on Facebook, Twitter, Line, Skype, BBM, iMessages, Hangouts and many others.

·         Check target phone browser history. Other information that can be acquired include web viewing details, photos and videos shared as well as phonebook contacts.

·         Access phone camera and power button function.

·         Learn the current location of the target phone. A spy app utilizes a cutting-edge GPS tracking system that provides specific location and distances of the device with a help from the satellite.

How to spy on text messages without installing software directly on the target phone requires Cloud access especially with iPhone devices. However, there is a need to access the username and password of the target phone owner in order for this option to work.

Nonetheless, the best thing about a monitoring software is the fact that you would be able to track a target phone user without him or her knowing it.

Legalities of a Spy App

The first time mobile monitoring software was launched to the public, it has been criticized negatively by a lot of people. The main problem revolves on the fact that softwares like these could intrude on the personal life of another individual.

However, huge companies behind mobile monitoring softwares were quick to justify the fact that a spy app is for tracking and should be done with utmost discretion. There should also be legal implications considered such as seeking professional advice from local operators as well as getting consent from the target phone user regarding the monitoring.

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

How to Make the Most Out of Your Mobile Monitoring Software Download

How familiar are you with all the features present in your mobile monitoring software downloadKnowing how your mobile monitoring app functions gives you a better edge in terms of gathering all information that you need. After all, with the use of this app, you don’t have to actually access the phone and pry on private data. The app does all of these things for you.

Free Trial or Premium?

Free trial monitoring does not require any payment on your part. However, this option is only available for a limited amount of time with incomplete access to certain features. If you mainly want to try a monitoring software just to get a feel on how it works, a free trial download is worth the choice.

However, if you want to access detailed information without restrictions in information, then you can proceed to the premium option.

Personal Access to Installation or Cloud Access?

Certain apps make it possible for you to SMSspy without access to target phone and a whole lot more. However, before jumping into a purchase, make sure that you know how the installation works. Majority of today’s monitoring software require personal access to the target device during installation.

However, if the phone is not jailbroken (in the case of iPhones), there is a need to acquire the target phone owner’s Apple username and password for iCloud access.

Features to Enjoy

There are plenty of features you can enjoy when using a premium access monitoring software. Depending on the brand of your choice, there might be certain additions. However, most of these apps offer the following options:

Text messages monitoring. How to track text messages on someone else’s phone  becomes easily accessible with just a few clicks on the screen. Information that can be acquired from this monitoring includes all messages sent and received by the target phone.

1.       Call monitoring. This includes all incoming and outgoing calls done on the target device.

2.       Call recording and playback. Most phone monitoring apps make it possible for you to listen to real time calls or in some cases, play back the entire conversation on the remote access dashboard.

3.       Messaging app platform monitoring.This includes monitoring messages done on messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, Viber, iMessages and a whole lot more.

4.       Email monitoring.Included on the list are popular email platforms such as iCloud, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

5.       Browser history tracking.This involves information regarding sites visited by the target phone owner on the device.

6.       Location tracking.With a built in GPS tracking system, you can track the phone’s actual location and distance on the map.

Make sure to read reviews before purchasing a certain app of your choice. After all, your satisfaction and experience relies on the features you can gain from a certain software.

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Cost-Effective Cell Phone Spy App for iPhone and Android Mobiles

What better way to investigate someone without hiring a professional is to acquire cost-effective spy app without target phone and android mobiles. In as low as $29.99 monthly, you can avail of DDI Utilities which extracts data from a subject phone without having to physically grasp the mobile. Not only that, it also allows contacts, pictures, call history, photos, voicemail, videos, calendar notes, games, saved apps, MMS, and iMessages recovery. If you prefer an app that “hits two birds in one stone” then this is most suitable for you!

Other spy app options

Rigid online reviews of app users will help you screen whichever app fits your monitoring needs. Just don’t get your hopes too high with spy on cell phone download apps because it doesn’t follow whatever is promised. Unlike these five top of the line spy apps namely:

1. Auto forward Spy @ $29.99/monthly
2. Highster Mobile @ $29.99/monthly
3. SurePoint Spy @ $69.99/annually
4. Easy Spy @ $69.99/annually

All have same extensive features such as:
Access to…
·         SMS & MMS
·         Online messengers
·         Global Positioning System location
·         Social Networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and more)
·         Calls
·         Browser history
·         Pictures
·         Videos
·         Contacts

Viewable through a control panel which can be found on your mobile, desktop or wherever you chose to install the app. This panel extracts all activities instantly in real-time!

But only Auto Forward Spy and Highster Mobile uniquely offers no jailbreak requirement for Apple users, also has a stealth camera feature to capture subject’s surroundings, live! Both even allows remote app (games or anything downloaded by subject) uninstallation. As well as remotely lock subject phone in case of lost or robbery together with Easy Spy. While only Auto Forward Spy does device diagnostics.

Tailor-made for Parents and Employers

Given how children, spouses or workers use cell phones in today’s time is enough reason to make a purchase. At least 75% of people nowadays see mobiles as a need more from what used to be want. Ask people around you if they have social media accounts and I guarantee, 8 out of 10 seem to enjoy the online world. It has become bothersome that some employees and students log in their accounts even during work and school hours. The addiction is unstoppable and rampant all the more basis for investigating. Internet usage has brought numerously unbecoming issues involving teenagers  which is in direct need to be stopped.

Commonalities show that both parents and employers have monitoring needs that are conveniently solved by spy apps. Note that on how to read text messages from another phone is distinctly different from a paid one like SurePoint Spy and the rest mentioned.

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Businessman Saves Huge Amount Using Spy Phone Application

Nilo Cometa, a high school buddy and businessman by profession saved a huge amount of money on tracking his employee’s performance in the workplace by using spy phone application. He recommended it to me as well, aware of my parenting dilemma. Anyone who has duties or wants to monitor someone will find this app useful.

Nilo as an employer

He admits to be a rookie in the business arena.He sets foot in his organic soap and shampoo business will a lot more to consider. The most important thing he assures that would greatly affect the quality of products is the performance of his employees at work. He believes that when employees do not convey excellence in the whole production process, it will gradually cripple company as a whole.

Nilo consulted numerous people on what would be the best way, only to have a likely similar answer which is to hire personnel or install security cameras; of which doesn’t coincide the company’s allocated budget. So he checked on the internet and came across spy on cell phone free and paid apps. Of course he almost fell for the free ones but later realized he won’t allow uncertainty anymore. Why? Because the business itself is a risk and he cannot afford to jump into something that would only waste his time.

Most paid apps remotely access data on target phone and displays it on your phone, tablet or computer; in Nilo’s case, target phone are the individual corporate phones. He chose to use Highster Mobile which was offered monthly at $29.99, cancellable anytime. It is one of the top-rated parental and employee apps for all Android and Apple devices. It doesn’t need jailbreak for iPhone users.It is encumbered with extensive features that allowed him to track employee’s phone activities during work hours and even break time.

Highster Mobile allows data extraction which serves as basis for Noli to identify who does the job with utmost efficiency. It records and views call logs complete with name of caller, time, date and duration of call. It accesses incoming and outgoing text messages employees make. It fetches their GPS location, views sent and received emails. It even tracks web site searches history as well as social media logs of employees during work hours. From these, he was able to identify to uses the phone provided for corporate purposes only and who does not.

Recommended Spy Apps

There are no more than 20 paid spy apps available in the market but only 5 tops the list namely Highster Mobile, Auto Forward Spy. It is important to identify paid versus free text spy app as you could differentiate features being promised. In most cases, free ones tend to falsely advertise; they often promise everything paid offers and end up crashing in the middle of usage. “You get what you paid for!”, as cliché reminds us all.

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